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I am so very sorry for the multiple updates. We put a plug in into the site the duplicated all the posts; thus generating multiple e-mails.

So very sorry. We are working on it.


I am so very sorry for the multiple e-mails you may have gotten from my website. Our YouTube plugin broke and we had to re-upload all the videos; thus causing you to get multiple updates.

We Promise this won’t happen again.

LDM Creations

We attended this Expo for the first time ever. We had fun. There were some good bargains on paper, ink, stickers and embellishments. There was no Provo Craft booth at this Expo.

I was able to get Me and My Big Ideas premium paper for $5 (for a 48 sheet pack) . I also got Create Imaginations paper for $3.50 (for a 25 pack). Creative Imaginations had a big line at the check out because they had awesome deals. They were selling really pretty epoxy stickers for $1!. I was also able to secure some self-sticking pearls/jewels for $1. The Copic Markers were going between $4.59 to $5.00 each (I did not buy any).

I got some Cri-Kitz for $23.99 a set of $10 (a buck off from the store). I also got some Me and Big Ideas clear stamps for $2!.

I am going to post all the pictures. Please note that none of these pictures contain any of my work. I am making a disclaimer. None of the work here is mine. It is from other talented artists that were showcasing their work at the Expo.

Hi Everybody:

I have been busy at home doing organization stuff. I made the skirts for my craft desks to hide the mess under them 🙂 but my back has been hurting quite a bit so not been able to do much else.

I will post more projects later on this week.

May 22


I went shopping online last week at as they had an awesome sale. Here is what I scored during the sale: